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All Model Windscreens have been replacing and repairing Sydney’s windscreens since 1971 and are the windshield replacement experts you have been looking for. Our independent and local family owned business offers windshield replacement Sydney wide, in Sydney South and the Illawarra region 7 days a week.  From Sydney CBD to Shellharbour in the Illawarra region, we can provide you a quick free quote with the lowest windshield replacement cost along with the highest quality products, customer service and lifetime warranty. 

All Model Windscreens have been in the windshield replacement services and smash repair industry since 1971 when our business was first established. With trade and 50 years experience in the automotive glass business, we can provide you with the best windscreen replacement cost in Sydney, Sydney South and the Wollongong Illawarra regions. All Model Windscreens are a member of the Australian Glass Association with access and provision to national advice and input as industry stakeholders since 1971.

We replace ALL types of windscreens and windshields for ALL kinds of cars, trucks, vans and buses. All Model Windscreens can quote, supply and fit any kind of commercial vehicle such as work vans, trucks and utilities. Call us today and compare the cost of a Truck windshield or the specific commercial windscreen you are seeking a replacement for.

Our business is always looking for the most current windshield replacement and autoglass technology to provide the best service for the Sydney, South Sydney and Illawarra regions. We can provide you advice and quotations for all models and makes of car windscreens, including specialised luxury vehicles and modern windscreen camera systems such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) , Brake and Lane assist technology and all kinds of rain and light sensors contained in the windshield. All Model Windscreens offer ADAS camera diagnostic testing and ADAS camera recalibration services either as a package price or separate to the windscreen replacement cost. Ask us today about ADAS recalibration services and save money with our certified mobile technicians who can recalibrate your car’s safety cameras today.

Remember when you need a quote for a windshield replacement near me, It’s not just about a clear view when driving your car, although that’s very important as well. A cracked windscreen can reduce your car’s overall safety in the event of a crash, collision or car rollover.

All Model Windscreens do not encourage you to ever drive with a damaged or smashed windshield, however it is important to know that it can be dangerous for the driver and the passengers in an emergency situation. 

It is critical that you ensure your windscreen is replaced when it is damaged beyond repair. The windshield is a key structural and safety component of your car. The windshield is more than a viewing platform or a piece of glass, it is made by the vehicle manufacturer as part of the overall structural integrity providing a strong support of your car’s roof, adding rigidity and balance in case your car rolls over during an accident. 

The front windscreen or windshield is made of two clear sheets of specific glass with a clear plastic layer contained between the two sheets of glass. The two layers are fused together (glass lamination), which adds strength to the two glass layers. 

When you see a broken or smashed windscreen, the dual laminating layers is what keeps the glass pieces contained safely together and stops harmful glass pieces spraying into the driver and passengers. In order to maintain a safe structure and legal registration of your vehicle, the windscreen should not have any damage obstructing the view. Any windshield chips or windscreen cracks in the driver’s line of sight or cracks in the driver’s view can distort or block the view of the road. This cracking or chipping obstructing a clear and safe view of the road, is considered to be a vehicle defect and the Police may issue you a vehicle infringement notice fine for not repairing or replacing your car’s broken, chipped or smashed windshield.

We care about your safety and we know that you care about your family’s safety. When you need a windscreen replacement service or a quote for a windscreen replacement cost , please call us and speak to Justin about your windscreen replacement quote because we care about your family, and will ensure the cost and quality meets your family’s budget and busy schedule. 

All Model Windscreen windshield replacement service provides a safer and high quality process:

  • Before any work is commenced, our automotive glass technician will do a visual inspection of the vehicle to check for any pre-existing issues that need to be considered such as body rust, age of rubber moulds, condition of the current glass and electronic glass accessories.
  • The technician will do an existing safety check of the environment, the tools and customer’s vehicle. *COVID19 safety hygiene practices will be applied where applicable.
  • The technician will carefully remove the old/existing mould or rubber trim around the interior and exterior perimeter of the windscreen, as well as any existing digital accessories such as sensors, camera and the rearview mirror.
  • The old/existing adhesive sealant on the perimeter of the windscreen is cut using specialised automotive glass cutting tools which can be either motorised or manual, depending the model and make of the vehicle. Our technician will choose the safest option for your specific vehicle to ensure least risk of any damage to your car.
  • Depending on the type of autoglass, windscreen or windshield may require the help of an automotive glass assistant. If required, the technician with an on site assistant will slowly and carefully lift the damaged windscreen out using specialised industrial strength suction tools or lever and this glass will be taken away by our team and then later be recycled safely by our own glass removal processes 
  • The body of the vehicle is cleaned, prepared and new premium adhesive sealant is applied to the car body and windshield surface supports.
  • Once the glass is prepared by the technician with the relevant premium products and fitting requirement, the new windscreen glass is then safely lifted and lowered into place on the vehicle.
  • At this time, connections of sensors, accessories, cameras, brake lane ADAS assist technology is reconnected by our trained and authorised technician. Once all the correct connections are made the interior trims are then refitted and the windscreen is then secured gently with specialised adhesive tape temporarily while the sealant cures and bonds to the car correctly. The vehicle will require an approximate period of 45 minutes settlement time before it can be moved or driven.

Our All Model Windscreens glass technician is a windshield glass replacement expert and will discuss any feedback, issues and provide clear directions to you before finishing the job. If you would like to experience the high quality windshield replacement services we offer, contact us today for a free quote and friendly advice.

How much is a windshield replacement?

Windshield Replacement is often required for safety and practical reasons when your car windshield is damaged beyond repair. Windshield Replacement services costs can start from $99 and range up to $1800 depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The cost of your new glass is sourced by All Model Windscreens through our long term wholesale relationships at the most competitive price. As we have been sourcing windscreen and auto glass since 1971 and we are one of the longest operating windshield replacement sydney services, we can quote more competitive quotes and prices to suit our customer’s budget. We can help by quoting different price options to meet your needs and prices can be based on your personal choice such as Genuine Manufacturer glass (which is common for luxury or high end vehicles) and can cost more than the everyday Non Genuine Windshield glass option that most customers choose to buy. Non genuine glass is made to the exact same specifications and replicates the same glass your original vehicle manufacturer built windshield, often costing a quarter of the price! 

Customers often ask us how we can quote so much cheaper windshield replacement sydney wide and offer so much more value compared to our competitors – we have been buying autoglass since 1971 so we can source the best value car glass, windshields and windscreen glass at the best price. To find out more about our autoglass services and windshield replacement near me – please click here.

Does insurance cover windshield replacement?

It depends on your own individual car insurance, often our customers have elected to purchase vehicle or car insurance that does include windshield replacement and all windshield replacement costs. 

We are able to offer windshield replacement services as part of your motor vehicle insurance and can provide you with a written quote. 

As part of your insurance quotation, we can provide you a ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) camera recalibration system and diagnostic certification for after your new windscreen is fitted. It is considered a customer and vehicle owner’s liability requirement to engage a qualified and certified technician, such as All Model Windscreens to recalibrate your cameras after the windshield replacement service has been undertaken. It is important to always speak to your own insurance provider to find out about your specific policy and we can provide you with a written quotation to save you money and save your insurer from paying high recalibration costs.

Can I replace a windshield myself?

No, unless you are a qualified automotive glass technician it is not advised to attempt to replace your own windshield. It is important that only an automotive windshield expert such as one of our qualified technicians complete your replacement. Not using a qualified and experienced authorised party such as All Model Windscreens to replace your windshield could potentially void your vehicle insurance. Our qualified and experienced technicians use specialised glass and autoglass products, adhesives and tools in order to safely remove the windshield and broken glass without damaging the vehicle exterior or interior. 

All Model Windscreens provide a complete convenient end to end mobile service, so that you do not need to attempt to ever replace your own windshield.

Can I drive after replacing a windshield?

After a windshield is replaced by one of technicians, you will need to allow 40 minutes setting and bonding time for the glass to safely adhere before moving the vehicle. We only use high quality sealants and adhesives which require air flow and circulation to set correctly, this is why the technician will ask for one of your windows to be opened up to an inch for correct ventilation of the vehicle. All Model Windscreens are windshield replacement experts and pride themselves on a high quality outcome and will ensure these steps are undertaken as part of the windshield replacement process.

What should I check after windshield replacement?

If you choose to use All Model Windscreens, there is nothing to check after your windshield replacement is completed as our qualified windshield replacement experts will always check in with you as the customer before the job is completed to ensure you are happy with the service, product and have clear instructions on how to care for your new windshield replacement.

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