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All vehicles
All glass replaced
All glass repaired
All work guaranteed
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All Model Windscreens Van

Sydney’s Trusted Windscreen Repair Services

Established in 1971 and successfully owned and operated for 47 years in the Sydney region, All Model Windscreens uses automotive glass and products that meet full Australian and International standards, all installed with the latest technology by fully qualified technicians.




All Model Windscreens specialises in all vehicle glass, windscreen repair and replacement. Offering advice and obligation FREE quotes providing the customer options ranging from repairs (where suitable) to complete supply and fit replacement services for front, rear, door, cargo and quarter glass.

Services also include :


electric and power window repair and replacement


water leak pressure testing and reseal


specialised vintage vehicle and restoration work


extensive range of vehicle moulds and seals available for all makes and models


rear vision and side mirror repair and replacement


Windscreen Replacement

Immediate windscreen replacement with a fast turn around time at a time that suits you


Windscreen Chips

Small chips and cracks repaired while you wait !


Mobile Service

No need to stress. We offer a fully mobile service. We come to you every time.


Lifetime Warranty

Our professional work is delivered with the highest quality and excellence in service, all backed with a lifetime warranty.


Our technicians

All our staff are fully qualified, professional and friendly, helping you get back on the road sooner


Your Safety

Providing you with the confidence and reassurance that your vehicle and passenger safety is our priority too


All Model Windscreens prices are extremely competitive, starting from $110 inc GST

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Windscreen repair and replacements from All Model Windscreens

There is never a good time to need a windscreen repair, but you don’t need to panic and search for ‘a windscreen replacement near me,’ if the worst happens you can contact Justin at All Model Windscreens for all your local windscreen and windshield repair services. All Model Windscreens offer an easy and affordable windscreen replacement and repair service and the best part is that we come to you. Driving with a cracked or broken window makes it difficult to see, can be illegal and creates additional safety issues in the event of a crash. But there’s no need to take a risk, we respond to our quotes fast and offer the quickest service appointment possible. Whether you need a rear window, side window, cargo glass or any kind of  windscreen repair in Sydney, All Model Windscreens will look after you, communicate clearly with you and get you back on the road in no time at the best price. All Model Windscreens are licensed (Motor Vehicle Repairer License) and have been operating as a local family owned independent business for 50 years since 1971 in Southern Sydney and offering autoglass replacement and repair services in Sydney and the Wollongong Illawarra region via our mobile team of qualified technicians.

Fixing windshield chips before they become a crack

When a foreign object such as a rock, road debris or tree branch impacts with your windscreen while you are driving it can be quite scary but it is good to know that it is laminated glass. Luckily, in most cases of minor glass damage, a windscreen repair can be carried out while it is only a chip in the windscreen. Most car windscreens will not crack immediately from an impact, however it is important to fix the problem quickly in order to avoid needing a windshield or windscreen replacement. All Model Windscreens can repair your windscreen quickly using a simple process:

  • Visual Inspection (on site) — Our technician will first ensure the glass is suitable for windscreen repair
  • Visual Inspection via photograph from customer (off site) – in order to make it easier for you the customer, you can send a photo of your windscreen chip or windscreen crack to our team and we can advise if it looks suitable for a windscreen repair
  • Cleaning — The glass chip or glass crack area to be repaired will be cleaned and prepared for the specialised process
  • Drilling — A special fine professional tip glass drill will open the chip enough for debris to be removed and allow for a specialised resin and air removal process to occur
  • Filling — A specialised pressure system device is placed over the cleaned crack and then once pressure is met with the laminate glass area, the glass windscreen chip is slowly filled with a high quality glass like resin and then cured under a glass suitable UV light until the glass and resin is cured appropriately for the weather conditions

This windscreen chip repair process will leave you with a windscreen that will most importantly provide extra strength to the broken area of the laminated glass in the event of a future impact or change in temperature. You can continue driving knowing it will now delay the requirement to replace your windscreen with a new windscreen replacement and assist the chip from eventually turning into a crack that requires a full windscreen replacement. We offer windscreen chip repair or crack repair services in both Sydney and the Wollongong Illawarra region.

Windshield repair or replacement for any model or type of vehicle

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you have, we can repair and replace the windscreens of all kinds of cars, trucks, vans and buses. We can provide you with honest advice and a FAST free, no obligation quote for windscreen repair on all types of chips, cracks and damage. We always look after our future customers and will always take the time to provide as much advice or service we can to our clients locally in Sydney and Wollongong Illawarra region regardless of the job, we will always try to help and build a long term relationship.

All Model Windscreens can help you to make the best economical decision about your windscreen repair or windscreen replacement based on the cost and the legal requirements of your vehicle registration. It is important to know that under NSW legislation, it is illegal to drive with more than two of the following defects:

  • A hairline crack up to 30mm long
  • A crack from the edge up to 75mm long
  • A ‘bullseye’ crack up to 16mm diameter

If this is the case, you don’t need to panic and randomly search online for ‘windscreen repair near me,’ just give All Model Windscreens a call and we will carry out a windscreen replacement or repair so you can drive safely and legally. We work with a variety of models and makes, including specialised luxury vehicles with modern windscreens that have camera safety systems such as ADAS, driver assistance or brake and lane assist technology installed. If you have more than a chip on your windscreen, replacement through All Model Windscreens can save you money over a dealer-provided windscreen replacement in Sydney.

All Model Windscreens can provide package prices for vehicles fitted with ADAS systems to provide best price for the supply and fitting of the new windscreen along with a disocuted rate for ADAS front facing camera recalibration and diagnostic testing. To ensure your ADAS front facing brake and lane assist cameras are functioning correctly, you are required to ensure the cameras are recalibrated after a new windscreen is fitted. You can save money and get both the windscreen replacement and ADAS recalibration completed by All Model Windscreens at the same time. Call or email us today to get a free quote and learn more about your obligations regarding ADAS Front Facing camera technology and the recalibration of these safety features on your new vehicle.

Windscreen repair is always close by with our mobile services

When your windscreen has cracked while you’re out and about you might be wondering, ‘Where will I find a windscreen repair near me’? All Model Windscreens offer a 100% mobile service. We come to you to repair or supply and fit your automotive glass. As long as we have somewhere safe to park our vans, it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in your driveway or by the side of the road or at your business depot. There’s no need to search the internet for ‘windscreen replacement near me’ because with All Model Windscreens all kinds of autoglass replacement is always near you. Our mobile windscreen replacement is available Sydney-wide and across the Wollongong and Illawarra areas, so just give us a call on 0419533523.

Rear window and side window replacements

Along with windscreen repair in Sydney, and windscreen replacement in Wollongong, All Model Windscreens can help in the event that your side or rear window is damaged. Rear windows and side windows on cars are made of tempered glass, not laminated glass like your windscreen. What this means that instead of a crack or a ‘bullseye,’ the window will shatter into tiny glass pebbles, and you will need a complete replacement. If this happens and you need a car door glass replacement or a rear window replacement, we can source the best quality glass at the best price. That includes genuine manufacturer glass and rare or hard to find glass for restoration vehicles. Our car window repairs service is cost effective, often coming in cheaper than the excess on your insurance claim, so call us for a quote first before getting any work done.

If you have Windscreen Insurance on your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for autoglass, window, windscreen repairs, then we can assist you with

Decades of windscreen repair in Sydney

All Model Windscreens have been carrying out repairs and windscreen replacement, autoglass services of all kinds along with other services since 1971. Throughout these 50 years we have remained independent and family owned, carrying out windscreen repair Sydney wide, Wollongong and Illawarra wide and whenever our customers need our assistance we respond to them. That is why we have been in business for 50 years, we develop relationships with our customers and we communicate clearly, always ensuring our quotes are fast and competitive. Our business is licensed with a NSW Motor Vehicle Repairer license from NSW Fair Trading and we are members of the Australian Autoglass Association.  Everything is carried out by qualified and licensed technicians, using the latest technology and products that meet both Australian and International Standards. On top of that, we’ll save you money. Our customers often are shocked to hear how much more money they can save by using a well established business in the Sydney and Wollongong region due to our access to more competitive wholesale glass pricing. Dont take the first quote, compare how much you will save and consider the customer service and lifetime warranty you will get when you get your windscreen repaired or windscreen replacement with All Model Windscreens.

Dont forget, once you are one of our valued customers, and you’ve had a chip repaired by our team and then had a stone hit and cracked your windshield, we’ll charge you as a repeat customer and give you a 20% discount on the windscreen replacement. We value our customers, and always try to go above and beyond. That’s why our windscreen replacements have a lifetime warranty on the installation and workmanship! When you’re looking for windscreen repair or replacement call All Model Windscreens for a quick, efficient and cost-effective mobile windscreen repair service. A 50 year established local business in Sydney and Wollongong that you can trust.


How much does a windscreen chip repair cost?

If the windshield repair is a simple chip (can fit under 5 cent coin ) and not a more serious extensive crack, then All Model Windscreens can fix it for as little as $110. If there are multiple chips, or larger cracks then it can be better value to consider replacing the entire windscreen. However before you book in a windscreen replacement know that we will happily give you a discount on the second and third chips to be repaired, along with trade and pensioner discounts. We can fix a chip in 20 minutes to help you get back on the road faster, a great solution when you are in a hurry.

Can windscreen cracks be repaired?

If the chip or crack is small enough to fit under a 5 cent coin and is at least 10 centimetres from the outer edge of your windshield then we are able to carry out a quick windscreen repair in Sydney and windscreen repair in Wollongong. While technology has greatly improved over the years, the advanced PRISM auto glass repair technology that All Model Windscreens use is highly effective and most importantly provides strength for future driving. If you have a crack that is larger than this we cannot guarantee the structural integrity after a repair and so it is better to look at a complete windscreen replacement, which can be discounted if you ask for a quote for both options.

How much does it cost to replace a windscreen in Sydney?

A windscreen replacement can vary widely in costs. If you have a vehicle with simple and easy to source glass then the windscreen replacement in Sydney can cost as little as $149. For some models of luxury vehicle that can go up to as much as $1800. Whatever the final cost, All Model Windscreens give excellent prices by sourcing glass through our long term wholesale partners. To help you control the costs we give you the option for genuine manufacturer glass or cheaper but still high quality aftermarket glass options that most customers choose to buy.

Customers can TEXT us, CALL us on 0419533523 or EMAIL us or CLICK HERE for a fast free quote.

Is it safe to drive with a cracked windscreen?

All Model Windscreens advises that currently under NSW legislation, as long as you do not have more than two of the following you can still drive.

  • A hairline crack up to 30mm long
  • A crack from the edge up to 75mm long
  • A ‘bullseye’ crack up to 16mm diameter

However, a cracked windscreen is always less safe than a non-cracked windscreen. Even if it does not obscure your view when driving, windscreen cracks compromise the structural integrity of the glass and you should look to get a windscreen repair or replacement as soon as possible.

How long does it take to replace a windscreen?

This will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, but in general a windscreen replacement in Sydney will take between 30 and 60 minutes. If we suspect the replacement will take longer than this, we will let you know when giving you a quote, so you can be prepared. We will work with you and your schedule to best suit you.

Does windscreen replacement count as a claim?

Depending on your individual car insurance policy, windscreen replacement may be included in your cover. Of course, you can always pay for the cost of the replacement directly, and in many cases the cost of a replacement from All Model Windscreens will be less than the excess on your policy. If you do wish to claim it however, we can provide a written quote for your insurance and ADAS, (Advanced Driver Assistance System) camera recalibration system and diagnostic certification if required.

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