Windscreen Chip Repairs Sydney

All Model Windscreen Service uses high quality state of the art prism technology to repair your windscreen chip or windscreen cracks before they extend and you need a full windscreen replacement. We can save you or your business money by discounting our windscreen chip repair costs and offer future discounts on full windscreen replacement when you decide your need to replace your windshield. We can fix your chip in 20 minutes and get you back on the road faster and safer.

We have been safely and successfully completing windscreen chip or windscreen stone chip repairs Sydney wide and in the Wollongong Illawarra region for up to 50 years. We have seen the technology changes and we know what works best, you can trust we will look after you and your car windscreen chip repair.  With highly competitive pricing we can fix your windscreen chip or windscreen crack repair from $88 including gst and offer further discounts where applicable. Call us today and see how much you can save on a chip repair instead of a windscreen replacement. 

We will always use the most current state of the art current glass technology to get the best windscreen chip repair results and we ensure our customers are happy and safe to drive their vehicles. We want to build long term relationships with our customers and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Can a windscreen chip be repaired?

A small windscreen chip or windscreen crack can be successfully and safely repaired with the best aesthetic results if it meets preferred repair requirements. The windscreen chip or windscreen crack will need to ideally fit under a 5 cent coin or 20mm in width. The windscreen chip or crack should not be within 5cm or 50mm from the perimeter edge or frame of the windscreen. 

The windscreen chip repair or windscreen crack repair is a straightforward repair, it is not a magic trick which fixes already broken glass. We always clearly ensure our customers understand that laminated glass is fragile and once broken, can be repaired and strengthened, but the windshield glass is broken so this is not going to provide a completely new glass. Windscreen replacement is another option if a windscreen chip or windscreen crack repair doesn’t suit the owner of the vehicle. We can provide a great competitive quote and advice on what your best option is.

How much does it cost to fix a chipped windshield?

All Model Windscreens can fix the windscreen chip or windscreen crack from $88. If there are multiple windscreen chips or windscreen cracks on the same vehicle, then a reduction or discount in the price will be offered for the second or third repair on the same vehicle. If there are multiple chips or cracks, then it may be worthwhile and better value to consider the cost of a windscreen replacement. We will consider trade and pensioner discount options also, as part of our valued windscreen chip repair Sydney wide and windscreen chip repair Wollongong in the Illawarra regions. We can fix the chip in 20 minutes and get you back on the road faster and safer.

Should I worry about a small chip in my windshield?

A windscreen chip or windscreen crack can be considered a safety hazard and be deemed to be a vehicle registration defect if it is located in the line of sight of the driver. It is important to always have a clear line of sight in the front windscreen area and distortion from a windscreen chip could put the driver and passengers at risk if the crack was to spread suddenly or create a visual distraction. We want to keep you safe and we will always ensure you are satisfied and answer your phone calls after the windscreen chip repair is completed. We rarely ever get any calls back but we will honour and protect our customers with excellent customer service as we have been in the trade for 50 years, established in 1971.

How do I stop my windscreen crack from spreading?

A windscreen chip or small windscreen crack will often spread across the glass with small changes in temperature in the outside and inside vehicle climate. It is important to fix windshield crack or fix windshield chips as quickly after they occur to avoid any further damage to your windshield. Nothing is more upsetting than to see a cracked windscreen whilst trying to drive and then watching it crack further every day as the windscreen crack or chip grows across your windshield. 

There are only two viable options which we would recommend when considering to repair windscreen crack or repair windscreen chip , that is to repair with small windscreen chip repair or windscreen replacement. As the glass has been damaged you cannot completely repair the glass back to its original state as its broken and fragile, but you can strengthen and improve the vision and aesthetic component of the windscreen crack or windscreen chip. This can include windshield stone chip repairs or unknown chip repair circumstances.

Once a windscreen crack or windscreen chip is repaired, it will add a strengthening resin to the laminated glass so that the windscreen can be safely used until such time the windscreen needs a full replacement. This will mean you can save money and time by looking for a windscreen chip repair near me option such as All Model Windscreen Service. We can delay your replacement cost and our chip repairs cost from $88 including gst. We can fix windshield cracks and fix windshield chips so that you feel satisfied that your windscreen is safe enough to continue driving with until you are ready to replace your windscreen. We can later replace your windscreen at a discounted price if you are a returning customer from a previous chip repair. Ask us about chip repair discounts Sydney wide and crack repair discounts Sydney wide. We want to build a relationship with all of our customers in Sydney wide and the Illawarra Wollongong region so that we can solve and fix your windscreen and autoglass repair replacement issues.

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