Windscreen Repair Wollongong

All Model Windscreens has been repairing chipped and cracked windscreens in Southern Sydney, Wollongong and the surrounding Illawarra area for over 50 years now. Our team of experts uses the latest equipment and procedures to perform safe repairs on windscreens for cars, vans, utes, buses and trucks. All of the products that we use for windscreen repairs in Wollongong, NSW, comply with Australian and international standards and are used in accordance with industry best practices and guidelines.

Expert windscreen repairs in Wollongong

We offer an affordable service to Illawarra motorists, with prices for windscreen repairs starting at just $99. We perform repairs on all types of windscreens and vehicles and can get most jobs done within 30 minutes. For small chips and cracks, a repair performed by our team will be much more economical than a complete windscreen replacement. Plus, if you decide to have your repaired windscreen replaced by All Model Windscreens later on or if another chip appears, we’ll give you a 20% discount on your new windscreen.

Windscreen chip repair in Wollongong

A small windscreen chip the same size or smaller than a 5-cent coin can quickly be repaired by our team of specialists — leaving you free to use your vehicle without having to worry about paying for a replacement screen. Windscreen chip repairs in Wollongong are carried out on-site by our mobile team and are usually completed within 20 to 30 minutes.

Windscreen crack repairs in Wollongong

Small cracks of a similar size — no bigger than a 5-cent coin — can also be repaired by our highly skilled team. As long as the crack or chip is not closer than 10 cm to the edge of your windscreen, we should be able to effect a clean, safe repair in less than half an hour. If you need a cracked car windscreen repaired in Wollongong, we are the team you can count on for a fast and cost-effective solution.

The process for windscreen repairs

All of the car windscreen repairs in Wollongong that our team performs are carried out following a tried and tested process to ensure excellent results every time:

  • Visual inspection — First, we make sure that the crack or chip is suitable for repair and that the area is safe to work in.
  • Cleaning — We thoroughly clean and prepare the affected area for the next phase.
  • Drilling — The chip or crack is opened up with specialised tools so that any shards of glass or particles of dirt inside can be removed.
  • Vacuum and fill — Using a prism tool, we remove air from the chip or crack, then fill it with a glass-like resin that is quickly dried with an ultraviolet curing light.

With this process, we can ensure a strong and cosmetically pleasing repair of small cracks and chips on all types of windscreens and vehicles.

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From private car window repairs to commercial vehicle windscreen replacements, we do it all. Call us on 0419 533 003 or fill out our online form to request a competitive quotation on our mobile windscreen repairs in Wollongong.