Windscreen Repair Sydney

If you have a small chip or crack in your windscreen and you would rather not go to the expense of having it replaced, take advantage of our repair service at All Model Windscreens. We perform mobile windscreen repairs in Sydney on all types of vehicles and all kinds of windscreens. If the damage in question is smaller than a 5-cent coin, we can almost certainly repair it for you — leaving your windscreen safe and looking unblemished again. Our service is available in all parts of Sutherland Shire and, with prices starting at just $99!

How our windscreen chip repair in Sydney works

As soon as you notice a chip or crack in your windscreen, call All Model Windscreens to receive an immediate estimate. If you are happy with the price that we quote, we will then arrange to come to your location and repair the damage on site. The process that we follow for a windscreen chip repair or windscreen crack repair in Sydney is as follows:

  • Thorough inspection — Before getting started, our windscreen repair technician will carefully inspect the damage and confirm whether it can safely be repaired. They will also survey the area in which your vehicle is parked and ensure that it is safe to proceed without relocating the vehicle.
  • Cleaning the damaged area — The area around the chip or crack will be cleaned and prepared for the next steps.
  • Drilling with a faceted drill piece — A special glass drill is used to open up the crack or chip so that any dirt and debris inside can be removed and won’t weaken the repair.
  • Removal of air inside the crack/chip — Using a special prism tool, your technician will remove all of the air inside the chip or crack.
  • Injection of resin — A clear, glass-like resin is then injected into the vacuum, creating a strong and almost invisible repair.

Following the above process, we can complete a truck, van, bus or car windscreen repair in Sydney in around 20-30 minutes, so you can be on your way in no time.

Contact us for windscreen repairs in Sydney today

To get a price for our windscreen repairs in Sydney or to have your car window repaired, call and speak to us now. If the damage to your windscreen is too severe to be safely repaired, we also offer a windscreen replacement service, which we also carry out on-site and in a timely fashion.

Save money, restore your car’s look and prolong the life of your windscreen by getting any chip or scratch repaired today. Our windscreen scratch repair in Sydney is the perfect affordable and convenient solution to your problem.